Our Consumer Campaign: Love Your Clothes

As part of our Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), WRAP is working with supporters and signatories to develop effective messaging to influence key consumer behaviours which will reduce the environmental footprint of clothing.

Our consumer campaign, Love Your Clothes, aims to raise awareness of the value of clothes and encourage people to make the most of the clothes they already have. 

Love Your Clothes website

The Love Your Clothes website provides information and tips to help consumers think about the way they purchase, use and dispose of clothes, including options for re-using and recycling .

The website provides consumers easy and practical tips to:

  • make their clothes last longer
  • reduce the environmental impact of laundering their clothes
  • deal with unwanted clothes
  • make the most of their wardrobe

Local authorities can direct their residents to the website and also use it as a source of content for any communications campaigns. The WRAP partners website includes logos, leaflets and other materials which can be used to support a Love Your Clothes campaign.

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How do I get involved? 

Want to be part of our Love Your Clothes campaign? Organisations looking to support WRAP's Love Your Clothes campaign can get in touch with us via the contact form on the Love Your Clothes website:

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Where next?

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