Help centre - Public sector

What support and/or training is available to local authorities?

You can view the support available for local authorities at
The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is now responsible for delivering a 'local authorities training programme', including the Recycling Managers training course. Please contact Angus Glover for further details at or visit the UCLan website.

Are WRAP providing support to the public sector to help them reduce their waste?

WRAP is no longer providing direct support to the public sector although there are resources available on the WRAP website which may be of assistance.

What is WRAP's involvement in EPOW?

WRAP delivered a number of programmes in collaboration with the Environment Agency as part of the European Pathway to Zero Waste programme, which is now complete. For more information, visit


Where can I find information on mobile asset management planning?

All WRAP's information on mobile asset management planning can be found at

Is WRAP providing procurement support to public sector organisations?

WRAP is no longer offering support to public sector organisations. The outputs and resources from previous projects can be found on the WRAP website.