Food Waste Measurement

Why measure?

"You can't manage what you don't measure"

Accurate measurement should always be at the start of your food waste reduction journey and is a key element of the Courtauld 2025's aim to provide products more efficiently and sustainably.

Businesses can get great value from measuring their food waste. It can reveal the scale of opportunity for efficiency and financial savings and can highlight where action needs to be taken. It enables effective interventions to be designed and implemented and supports the development of meaningful targets that can be assessed over time

What can my organisation do?

Using WRAP's tools and guidance, organisations can work out what types of waste to measure and how to measure it.

Deciding what to measure

In order for the UK to achieve the national food waste reduction targets under Courtauld 2025 and the Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 (SDG12.3), it is critical that there is widespread adoption of ‘Target, Measure, Act’. To meet the national and global targets, collaborative and concerted efforts to reduce food waste are required.

There is a call to action for leading food and drink businesses to:



Set a food waste reduction target for your own UK operations, aligned with or contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.



In a consistent way and share what you’ve learnt.



To reduce your own food waste, to work in partnership with suppliers and to help your consumers reduce food waste.

Food Waste Reduction Roadmap & Toolkit

Deciding how to measure

There are many ways to quantify food waste from manual tracking and recording to using more system driven methods. Choosing the best method for your business will be influenced by a number of factors - your particular goals, scope selected, human and financial resources, direct access to the physical lost or wasted food.

Self-assessment toolkit for manufacturers
Waste mapping guide
Guidance on quantification methods

Campaign resources

We provide guidelines and resources to support measuring your food waste and how to get your staff involved.

Your workplace
without waste

Engaging employees in making a company more efficient can deliver great results. ‘Your Workplace Without Waste’ is an employee engagement programme which will help you inspire everyone across your business to throw away less food and packaging.

Engage your workforce

Guardians of Grub

It’s simple – reducing the amount of food your hospitality or food service business throws away can boost your bottom line. What’s more, it’s really easy to do. We’ve developed a toolkit – called Your Business is Food; don't throw it away – that will help you through a very straightforward three-step process.

Start reducing waste today

Our Resources

By working with WRAP your organisation can improve processes, find new techniques and work toward implementing best practice in your supply chain.






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