Food and Drink

WRAP is working with organisations in the food and drink industry to create economic and environmental value from reducing food waste and tackling issues around water scarcity across the supply chain.

The issues: Why food and drink?

The issues

According to WRAP's research and estimates compiled by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), approximately one-third of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted.

This equates to:

$984bn in economic losses globally per year, due to food loss and waste *
>£19bn worth of food waste in the UK annually *
£730 food thrown away by the average UK family per year *

By working collaboratively to take action on theses issues, organisations in the sector can achieve a 14:1 positive return on investment and help fulfil UK and international responsibilities to the environment.

What is WRAP doing?

We enable organisations to unlock the economic benefits of waste reduction and resource efficiency in the food and drink supply chain.

Our experts apply their expertise and develop evidence-based tools to help organisations reach their food waste reduction and resource efficiency goals.

Citizen Food Waste Prevention

Enabling citizens to make meals go further, increase the life of their produce and take real action in reducing household food waste, through our consumer focussed campaigns.

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Business Food Waste Prevention

Providing practical tools for producers, manufacturers and retailers to find economic and environmental value through cutting their food waste, water usage and carbon footprint.

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International Food and Drink

Supporting international projects aimed at cutting food waste across the globe, WRAP uses its expertise and evidence to create shared vision and tailored, targeted programmes that help deliver sustainability goals.

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Our campaigns

WRAP leads industry campaigns to deliver real change to organisations and individuals in the UK and beyond.

What our partners say

WRAP has a successful track record supporting the industry, working with local authorities, communities and organisations to provide real measurable change...

"Courtauld 2025 gives an opportunity for all industry partners across the supply chain to come together and create a real step-change in tackling food waste"

- Mark Newbold, Lidl

Find out more about our work supporting businesses and organisations in the food industry through Courtauld 2025:

Courtauld 2025

Courtauld 2025 Milestone Progress

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By working with WRAP your organisation can improve processes, find new techniques and implement best practice in your supply chain.






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