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The UK Plastics Pact is leading a global wave of change in the way we make, use, reuse and dispose of plastic. The UK's model is being replicated in other countries to form a powerful global movement as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy initiative. Since April 2018 the Pact has made meaningful progress working towards the four ambitious targets.

Our business members account for two-thirds of consumer plastic packaging #UKPlasticsPact. The total weight of plastic packaging placed on the market by UK Plastics Pact members in 2018 - 1 million tonnes.

Our baseline

Data reporting and measurement is central to driving change. The report provides a summary of the total packaging usage by these members in 2018, which is the first year of the Pact.

Target One
Eliminating problem plastics

We've taken crucial steps to eliminating single-use problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging for good. Bold steps have been taken which will result in a reduction in the amount of unnecessary plastic on supermarket shelves.

Target two
Recyclable, reusable or compostable

Our target of 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable will only happen with whole supply chain collaboration and change in the way we make, use and dispose of plastics.

In 2018 65% of plastic packaging placed on the market by Pact members was recyclable #UKPlasticsPact.

Target three
Improving recycling rates

Our target of a 70% national recycling rate for plastic packaging by 2025 can only be achieved by bringing together businesses, government and citizens. Find out what is being done to stimulate the system change and behaviour change to reach this target.

Government, Business, Citizens. 44% National plastic packaging recycling rate for 2018 - working towards 70% by 2025 #UKPlasticsPact.

Target four
Boosting recycled content

Complex technical solutions need to be found to boost levels of recycled content. Currently at 10% with a target of 30% average recycled content across all members and their total plastic packaging sold.

1/3 of the way to 30% Average recycled content by 2025 #UKPlasticsPact.

What’s next
Future priorities

This section outlines the priorities for Pact members and the wider value chain. It looks at the work towards changing citizens behaviours and attitudes towards plastic, collaboration to find technical solutions, investing in reuse and making the right decisions in a complex landscape.

What’s next - Future priorities #UKPlasticsPact.

Member progress

UK Plastic s Pact members share the actions they have taken so far and the commitments that they are making to deliver against the targets of The UK Plastics Pact. It contains details from over 80 business members who place packaging on the market, produce, reprocess or recycle plastic packaging.

Government, Business, Citizens. 44% National plastic packaging recycling rate for 2018 - working towards 70% by 2025 #UKPlasticsPact.