Textiles Market Situation report 2019

19th December 2019

WRAP market situation reports provide in-depth information on the latest economic trends and developments affecting the capture, re-use, and recycling of key recovered materials.

Key findings
Household spending on clothing is up by 3%
620,000 tonnes of textiles were collected for re-use and recycling in 2018
336,000 tonnes of clothing were sent to landfill or incineration in 2017


The latest textiles market situation report highlights recent developments in the market for UK used textiles as well as key factors shaping the outlook for the sector. The report looks at a number of market factors affecting textiles in the UK:

Textile consumption (which has increased on average by 3% since 2013);

Used textiles arisings;

Used textiles in the residual waste;

Used textiles collected for re-use and recycling; 

End markets for used textiles; 

Prices for used textiles; and 

A look ahead beyond 2020