Partnerships are key to success in re-use

Partnerships are the key to success in so many areas of our lives, and strong partnerships are essential to developing a robust re-use sector.


Re-use helps the environment

With fewer raw materials needed for the production of new goods, fewer products are sent to landfill. In 2012 alone 1.5 million tonnes CO2e* were saved by re-use in the UK.


Re-use helps the third sector

Charities, social enterprises and other third sector organisations benefit from re-use by an estimated £430 million* annually.


Re-use helps create jobs

In 2012 alone 11,000 FTE (full time equivalent) jobs* were supported by re-use organisations. Volunteers in the sector accounted for a further 15,700 FTE jobs*. Many subsequently gained employment, saving the taxpayer £93 million* in welfare payments, so it’s good news for everyone.

Re-use helps us all

By keeping goods in circulation for longer, and by offering more affordable products, UK households benefitted by an estimated £6 billion* from the re-use sector. There’s value in your unwanted items – pass them on.




 *Estimated figure. Reference: WRAP (2015) Benefits of Reuse calculator.