Materials Pricing Report

The Materials Pricing Report is a free subscription service for buyers and sellers of recovered materials.

The aim of the Materials Pricing Report is to give participants in the market such as local authorities, waste management companies, recyclers, reprocessors and social economy businesses more information about pricing trends and current conditions in the markets for recovered materials. 

This information will assist decision-making when buying or selling recovered materials and allow subscribers to plan with greater operational and financial confidence.

Please note the following important points regarding the MPR methodology:

  • The objective of the MPR is to highlight recent trends in material prices, and to be broadly representative of the UK recovered material market
  • The MPR is published approximately every fortnight (excl. holiday periods)
  • Published prices include a lag of four weeks between survey and being in the public domain
  • Survey participants include recyclers, exporters, waste management companies and Local Authorities. Note that the survey composition may change between surveys due to respondent availability
  • The methodology to construct the price range is to eliminate high and low outliers to the prices obtained and construct a range based on the remaining prices. The mid-point is a simple average of the low and high. No account of the size of individual transactions is recorded or taken into account when constructing the price ranges
  • WRAP quality assures each survey.

Click here to view a snapshot of a recent Materials Pricing Report.

To receive the full report subscribers must be able and willing to provide details of their transactions prices for recovered paper, plastic, glass, cans and textiles, together with market intelligence, all on an unattributed and confidential basis.


The MPR is free to subscribers. To subscribe* to the Materials Pricing Report please email
* The Materials Pricing Report is produced on behalf of WRAP by Materials Recycling World (EMAP)