Leicestershire re-use case study

3rd February 2015

Laying the foundations to double re-use.

How research provided the catalyst for a new approach to re-use in Leicestershire, Leicester City and Rutland.

Identified potential to double the volume diverted from landfill
Established a local re-use network
Working towards setting up a WEEE repair facility

Three neighbouring local authorities were increasingly conscious that more could be done to drive re-use in their region.   Their aim was to increase the re-use of bulky waste.

Detailed research identified that over 1,390 tonnes of bulky items were being diverted into re-use by local furniture re-use organisations - but also that there was potential to almost double this in four years.  With this target in mind, the local authorities, working with the third sector and waste contractors, agreed a four-year action plan.

It began in Summer 2013, with stakeholders all committing to complete various actions to achieve the goal of nearly doubling re-use and diverting over 2,600 tonnes of bulky waste from landfill by 2017/18.