Market Snapshot: November 2013

11th January 2017

WRAP's Market Snapshot provides an overview of recent developments in recovered material markets and is updated on a regular basis.

Key points:
Exports of recovered plastic in Jan-Sep 2013 are down by around one-quarter compared with the same period in 2012
Glass PRN prices continue to rise as the market anticipates that the chances of meeting the 2013 glass packaging target are slim
Aluminium can prices fell recently following primary aluminium prices


The latest data from the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) show that UK paper mills used 1.54mt of recovered paper in the period Jan-Aug 2013, down 1.5% from the same period in 2012. Over the same period, domestic OCC use fell by 6.7% to 1mt and news & PAM usage increased by 2.4% to 1mt. Mixed paper usage rose by 54% to 215kt.

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Clear and coloured PET polymer bottle prices fell by up to 15% since August, following recent falls in virgin PET prices. In contrast mixed HDPE and natural HDPE bottle prices both rose by up to 15% despite stable virgin HDPE prices. Mixed polymer bottle prices fell to a low of £50-£55 per tonne in May following the introduction of the ‘Green Fence’ by the Chinese authorities in March to reduce import contamination.

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Recovered glass container prices are broadly stable between August and November 2013.

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Recovered textile prices have remained broadly stable since August in the range of £350-£500 per tonne, depending on location and quality etc.

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Aluminium and steel

Recovered aluminium can prices, which were broadly stable at £800 per tonne for much of 2013 started to decline slightly during November, reflecting lower primary aluminium prices.

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