The view from WRAP

  • Unprecedented appetite for change at RTF18

    By: Julie Hill, Chair, WRAP Posted: 15 Jun 2018
    The Resourcing the Future Conference is one of those events where I wish I could distill the collective expertise in the room and share it instantly with policy-makers in governments and decision-makers in businesses across the UK. Are compostable plastics good or bad? Carbon metrics better than weight-based? Need to know how to build markets for secondary materials, prevent waste crime or...
  • Social norms: the next step in improving recycling behaviours

    By: Sarah Clayton, Head of Citizen Behaviour Change Posted: 6 Jun 2018
    In the quest to improve recycling and beat the UK’s current plateau WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign team has explored new approaches and ideas for recycling communications. What we found has implications for how recycling should be communicated all over the UK.We started by examining the things that really drive individual in-home recycling behaviours. Drawing on insights from academic studies as...