The view from WRAP

  • Open letter on Plastic Waste and Recycling Strategy

    By: Marcus Gover, CEO, WRAP Posted: 12 Feb 2018
    Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove, recently invited WRAP to facilitate a series of cross-sector discussions to inform how the UK could respond and reduce the environmental damage caused by the way we use and dispose of plastic.In this open letter to key stakeholders, chief executive Marcus Gover reports back on the outcomes of the meetings and puts forward a comprehensive set...
  • Food waste measurement really counts

    By: Peter Maddox Posted: 8 Feb 2018
    I doubt many of us would just hand over our debit card at the register, enter the four-digit code, and then leave without first checking the bill. But that’s effectively what every food business that doesn’t measure its food waste is doing, every day.For food businesses, measuring food waste can help save you money and keep operations efficient. But knowing how, where and even when to start can...