Sustainable Textiles and Fibres

The following webinars have been developed as part of WRAP’s Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) to enable signatories to incorporate more from sustainable fabrics and fibres in their clothing.

Introduction to sustainable fibres

The webinar gives SCAP signatories the information they need to start considering the sustainability of the fibres used in their products.

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Natural fibres: Cotton-conventional, organic and lower impact >>
Synthetic fibres: Polyester-conventional and recycled >>
Cellulosic fibres: Viscose, Lenzing Tencel and Monocel >>
Animal fibres: Wool, conventional and recycled >>
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Sustainability – in bite size chunks

WRAP’s bite-size video series gives signatories a quick overview of the important aspects of fibre selection and sustainable processing techniques.

Bite-size: Low impact cotton >>
Bite-size: Organic cotton >>
Bite-size: Polyester >>
Bite-size: Cellulosic >>
Bite-size: Introduction to wet-processing techniques >>

Sustainable wet processing techniques

This webinar has been developed to give a further understanding of creating more sustainable products using wet processing techniques.

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Overview and impact of wet processing >>
Advanced denim >>
Lower impact cellulosic dyes >>
Waterless dyeing >>
Solution dyeing >>
Questions and answers >>