Guidance on Design for Extending Clothing Life

WRAP research shows that extending the life of clothes by nine extra months can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 4-10% each.

Retailers and brands can make a significant difference by making small changes to increase the durability of clothing during both the design and production process.

What can my organisation do?

WRAP has worked with Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) signatories to build a knowledge-base of information on techniques for extending the life of clothes.

Using this information your organisation can unlock the economic and environmental benefits of designing clothing which has greater technical durability and will appeal to consumers for longer.

Sustainable clothing guide

The Sustainable Clothing Guide focusses on producing clothing that lasts longer by looking at the simple steps that can be taken to improve durability.

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Design for extending clothing life 

Want to design clothes that last longer? This series of guidance notes provides different audiences within product development teams (e.g. designers, buyers, retailers) advice on designing to improve clothing life.

Design for extending clothing life >>

Extending clothing life protocol

How do I implement these changes in my organisation? The Clothing Longevity Protocol and offers a template of good practice in increasing clothing life.

Protocol for extending clothing life>>

Measuring active use of clothing 

Are my organisation’s efforts working? Use WRAP’s research on how long people keep and regularly wear their clothes to benchmark your organisation's efforts.

Measure the active use of clothing >>

Extending the life of clothes design award

In 2015, WRAP launched its Extending the Life of Clothes Design Award. Aimed at students and professionals in the UK fashion and textile design industry, the competition challenged entrants to create fashionable and market ready designs that address the key concepts needed to achieve solutions to increase clothing life.

Extending the life of clothing award 2015 >>

Further information

For further information on increasing the life of products, why not take a look at the following links?

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Where next?

Want to find out more about extending clothing life in sustainable textiles? Take a look at our knowledge-base for further reports, tools, guides and case studies:

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