The Value of Re-using Household WEEE

8th December 2011

WRAP carried out a detailed study of the potential re-use value of unwanted Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) disposed of at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) and via local authority bulky waste collections. 

Key findings
23% of all WEEE collected at HWRCs has re-use value
This resale value is estimated to be worth over £200million per year



The study estimates that almost a quarter of WEEE brought by householders to HWRCs across the UK has a reuse value, and together this could be worth over £200 million in gross revenue each year.

  • The research suggests that 23% of all WEEE separately collected at HWRCs is immediately resalable or resalable following viable repair and refurbishment. From this, it is estimated that a maximum of around £220 million in resale value could be obtained.
  • Once the cost of purchasing and repairing the items has been accounted for, the net value of this equipment is around £106 million, ignoring the cost of transport and handling.
  • The equivalent gross resale value for equipment from bulky waste collections is £77 million.
  • These figures are based on an annual total of 348,000 tonnes of WEEE arising at HWRCs, and 149,000 tonnes from bulky waste collections.

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