Electrical Products: UK Mapping of Raw Material Consumption and Waste

WRAP has developed a series of Sankey diagrams that focus on value and tonnage and highlight clear value in recoverable materials. They track scarce and valuable raw materials in products such as consumer equipment and electrical tools and identify opportunities for recovery or reduction in material losses.

What can my organisation do?

These Sankey digrams display how your business could benefit from extracting vital materials from your waste electricals and recover further value from waste electrical products

Current information

Currently, WRAP is making the current reports available to organisations seeking to identify where recovery of these valuable materials can be increased: 

  1. Mapping consumption and waste of raw materials in electrical products in the UK.
  2. Trial into the recovery of CRMs from Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment.
  3. The use of hydrogen to extract neodymium from computer hard drives.
  4. Recovery of CRMs - Wales

To download the reports, simply fill in the form below: