Guidance to Improve Product Durability

WRAP’s guidance on product durability practically assists organisations in developing products that last longer and have less environmental impact.

What can my organisation do?

WRAP works with industry partners, trade bodies and associations to provide guidance and technical details to help organisations procure and build more durable products at the required price point.

By incorporating the principles and solutions detailed below, WRAP will enhance your organisation's reputation for quality and reduce costs on product returns, warranties and repairs.

Electrical product design reviews

Organisations can identify cost and performance implications of critical component failure through our product design reviews of key electrical and electronic products. Using this information, companies can seek to improve product lifespans and minimise product returns through creating more durable products. 

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Better appliances website

Take a more in-depth look at your product design specifications with our specialist Better Appliances Website. In addition to information in our Electrical Product Design Reviews, the Better Appliances Website provides independent, up-to-date research on the most efficient and durable product design at specific price points.

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Lifetime optimisation tool

Test the efficiency and durability implications for certain different product and design choices with WRAP's lifetime optimisation tool. Produce reports that will enable you to take action to improve product lifespan and reduce environmental impact.

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Using recycled content

Get guidance on the cost and environmental benefits of using recycled UK waste electrical and electronic equipment plastics in the production of high-end electrical products.

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Where next?

Want to know more about product durability in sustainable electricals? Take a look at our reports, guides, tools and case studies for further information:

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