Electrical Product Design

WRAP is championing innovative and sustainable designs by challenging brands to introduce consumer electrical products that last longer.

Our research into product durability, detailed in our “Switched on to Value” report, identified that 15 out of the 16 products tested could be made to last longer through simple design changes.

What can my organisation do?

WRAP has shared the results of this work through a number of product design reviews and our Better Appliances website. These guides are of particular interest to product designers and they detail the savings companies can make through reviewing their procurement, development and design processes. 

Electrical Product Design Reviews 

WRAP’s Electrical Product Design Reviews focus on a number of key work-horse products such as washing machines, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and fridge-freezers as identified as areas of focus by our Switched on to Value report. In addition to testing the durability of electrical appliances, the reviews also identify resource efficiency savings on key electrical and electronic products.

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Where next?

To find out more about our Electrical Product Design Reviews and how to increase product durability, read in-depth information on product specification on our Better Appliances Website at: http://eproducttechguide.wrap.org.uk

Want to know more about product durability in sustainable electricals? Take a look at our reports, guides, tools and case studies for further information:

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