Electrical Product Design Review: Microwave

1st January 2013

Through product-breakdown, WRAP has identified a number of cost savings and design improvements that can increase durability, reduce return rates and prolong product lifespan.



The case studies below describe how simple design changes and better customer information can achieve a net-positive result for businesses bottom-line.


Based on an estimated 100,000 unit sales per annum per model, savings were estimated to be:

~ £320,000

~ 300 tonnes of CO2

Improvements Identified

During the teardown the following key areas were identified that would benefit from design and/or manufacturing changes: 


Specify lighter components to reduce the materials used in manufacture.


Simplify design with fewer components to reduce assembly time.


Modify the design to improve durability of components with the potential to fail.


Use more recycled plastic in concealed plastic parts.


Specify more energy efficient components.


Review packaging design for better pallet loading and utilisation of shipping containers.

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