Guidance on Consumer Behaviour

WRAP believes understanding and influencing consumer behaviour in purchasing decisions relating to electrical and electronic products is key to developing information on repair, re-sale, durability and recycling. 

What can my organisation do?

By continuing to study consumer behaviour WRAP will provide organisations with the necessary information they need to see a reduction in-warranty returns, growth in brand recognition with partners and customers and the development of new income streams, e.g. through spares and repair services.

Using WRAP’s research you can analyse the attitudes consumers have to your product and what they are looking for in products or services in your sector. 

In studying this information businesses can gain key insights into product improvements and new service offerings for your products, allowing you to undertake steps to meet consumer demand, expand product durability and lifespan, reduce returns, and employ resource efficient business models, to deal with used and waste products. 

Current Information

We’re currently preparing some updated research on consumer behaviour.  However, you can find our previous research below: 

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Where Next?

Want to know more about consumer behaviour in sustainable electricals? Take a look at our reports, tools and case studies for further information:

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