Love Food Hate Waste - Save More

To complement the in-depth Love Food Hate Waste cascade sessions provided by WRAP staff, a suite of activities has been developed and evaluated to help more people ‘Save More’ money by wasting less food. The activities focus on increasing skills around Love Food Hate Waste’s (LFHW) five key food waste prevention behaviours: planning; understanding date labels; correct storage; portioning and use of leftovers/forgotten foods.

The activities have been designed to be fun and informative whilst being really easy to take part in and deliver. To support the use of the activities by LFHW partners, this report describes how the activities were developed, piloted and evaluated, working with community organisations and expert reviewers. The report demonstrates that the resources are effective and tailored well to their target audiences. Whilst the ‘Save More’ materials have been designed for informal and flexible use, it is most likely they’ll be used by existing groups. Using the experience of LFHW partners, a Guide to Running your own Community Food Waste Reduction Group has been produced to help individuals establish something new in their local community, through which ‘Save More’ could be used to promote food waste prevention behaviours, alongside other community-led action.