What is an 'Innovative' or 'Resource Efficient' Business Model?

WRAP wants to support new business opportunities that extend product life, conserve resources and prevent valuable materials from becoming waste, allowing companies to exhaust all available profit from their products.

To find out more about the types of resource efficient business models, you can visit our resource efficient business models map which details a number of these business models currently in use.

Types of Resource Efficient Business Models >> 

What can my organisation do? 

WRAP is championing businesses that take a fresh perspective on developing a resource efficient approach to the production of their products by providing expert independent advice and guidance. To find out a more information about our current research, please follow the links below:

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WRAP and REBus

Theme four of esap directly links with the work WRAP is doing with the LIFE+ funded project, REBus

The REBus project, led by WRAP working with a range of partners from the UK and the Netherlands – Rijkswaterstaat, the Knowledge Transfer Network, The University of Northampton and the Aldersgate Group, will demonstrate how businesses and their supply chains can implement resource efficient business models across four key markets, including electrical and electronic products.

To find out more about REBus and its work across all these key markets, read our article on Developing Resource Efficient Business Models >>

Where Next?

Want to know more about resource efficient business models in sustainable electricals? Take a look at our resource efficient business models collections in Sustainable Textiles and Sustainable Electricals for further information:

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