Harmonised Recycling Collections Costs

This research, ‘Harmonised Recycling Collections Costs Project: Phase One’, commissioned by the Welsh Government, shows that switching to source separated recycling collections could save Welsh councils over £1 million a year.

The report compares source separated kerbside collections to co-mingled and two stream collections and finds that the former offers the most cost-effective approach to achieving high recycling rates.

The research assumed that weekly food waste collections and restrictions on the amount of residual waste collected are needed, as outlined in the Collections Blueprint, for authorities to meet the ambitious Welsh recycling targets.  However, by switching from a co-mingled to a source separated collection system, the research found that the annual savings achievable by authorities were in the region of £900,000 to £1,200,000, depending on the rurality of the authority.  Furthermore, annual savings between £1,000,000 and £1,300,000 are potentially achievable when switching from a twin stream collection to a source separated collection.

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