Leeds re-use case study

3rd February 2015

Increasing bulky waste re-use in social housing.

How a collaborative whole-council approach has helped reduce bulky waste sent to landfill in Leeds and deliver valuable savings across Leeds City Council.

Aims to maximise re-use from social housing
Delivering valuable efficiency savings for several departments within the Council
Set to increase re-use volumes further through use of a common stock control system and a single point of contact


Within the first year of the project operating, the volume of furniture being re-used had increased, and the amount of bulky waste sent to landfill decreased.  Between June 2012 and June 2013, three of the Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs) found over 450 re-usable items when clearing empty houses, diverting over 11 tonnes of material from landfill.  This comes in addition to the volumes already passing through furniture re-use organisations (FROs).  

FROs are now working more closely with ALMOs and the Council to ensure that re-usable items are identified and passed on - either for resale or for distribution to families in need.

At every level, awareness of the possibility of re-use has increased.  Individual social landlords are looking to develop their own re-use systems, and departments within the Council are actively promoting re-use, both to social housing residents and the wider community.