Tools: Water Efficiency in the Food and Drink industry

The following tools will help you with your water efficiency programme in the food and drink industry. They were developed as part of the Federation House Commitment.

Added Value Water cost calculator
The Added Value Water cost calculator provides a simple way to measure the impact of change in water use and provides an estimated cost saving. This should help in developing your business case for implementing change.

Water in Product calculator
The Water in Product calculator provides you with a simple way to calculate water in product (%) for food and drink reporting.

Water Pressure Savings calculator
The Water Pressure calculator will allow you to quantify the benefits of reducing water pressure on water use and cost.


Water Balance template
A water balance shows numerically where water enters and leaves your business and its uses in between. When used as a management tool, it can help companies reduce water use, cut costs and increase profits.

A template is provided to help you complete a mass balance exercise.

Further guidance on how to develop a water mass balance can be found in the WRAP guide Tracking water use to cut costs


Behavioural Change posters

These four posters have been produced to help you encourage employee behaviour change. They can be easily adapted to incorporate your company’s logo. We recommend that you add your logo to the bottom left corner of the poster.


Mogden Formula Tool 
The Mogden Formula Tool contains trade effluent charges for sewerage service providers in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and can be used to verify trade effluent charges, allowing the user to explore the impact of changing specific aspects of the effluent on the cost to discharge.