Bandvulc: Incentivised return for HGV tyres

WRAP worked with Bandvulc, an independent tyre re-treader, to explore an incentivised return model for both heavy goods and smaller van vehicle tyres.  By supporting the development of pilots, WRAP helped to accelerate this work while minimising risk and cost.
Bandvulc is a re-treading and tyre management company with 40 years of retreading experience.  The company has a turnover in the region of £58 million and employs over 360 people.

Richard O’Connell, Director, discusses the project

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Incentivised return

The incentivised return business model enables customers to return used items in exchange for an incentive which might be cash, a voucher or a discount on a new purchase. 

The returned products are then refurbished and re-sold generating extra revenue and saving resources.

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Pilot Project

Bandvulc will sell the tyres to heavy goods vehicle dealers and incentivise their return for re-treading and resale, or re-use in service contracts. They are also working towards a similar scheme for van tyres.

The financial model really helped us to understand the proposition and make decisions.

Ryan O’Connell, Director, Bandvulc

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Bandvulc’s incentivised return scheme opens up a new income stream within their existing markets. The revenue value is estimated to be in excess of £10 million in the first three years.  In addition, the model results in significant environmental savings in terms of resource use and carbon reduction.

  Per tyre returned and accepted 3yr total
Oil 68 Litres 1,427,143 Litres
Rubber 44 Kg 923 Tonnes
CO2 182 Kg 3,825 Tonnes

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