Facilities Management - getting started

Practical ways that we can help the FM sector to reduce waste, make better use of resources and save money. 

Web Tool kits

Procurement Toolkit

We have developed an interactive tool to help clients procuring or managing FM services to specify and measure resource and cost savings. Download our flyer to find out more.

Office furniture procurement: comparison tool

Compare different, resource efficient methods of procuring office furniture as an alternative to buying new furniture.  This simple Excel tool calculates and compares the costs of procuring office furniture in different ways – avoiding the unnecessary disposal of furniture

Case studies

A suite of case studies illustrating resource efficiency in Facilities Management.


We are keen to work with you - so get in touch

We are looking for: 

  • FM clients who are procuring services or updating an existing contract and wish to explore resource-efficient FM services that deliver both cost and resource savings.
  • We also have resources available to help pilot alternative, resource efficient approaches to FM operations. We are already working with leading FM service providers to pilot new initiatives to reduce costs and drive out waste, and would like to discuss possible opportunities with you.  See the Facilities Management Strategy Group and their work on a Mobile Asset Management Plan (MAMP).

Watch Carillion plc's Chief Sustainability Officer talk about working with WRAP and the three areas covered:

  1. re-use of stock and asset management, 
  2. leasing of assets as an alternative to purchase, and
  3. incentivised return when purchased/acquired items are no longer needed.

Contact us if you’re interested in getting involved with any of these opportunities.