A summary of developments in UK waste treatment infrastructure

WRAP maintains information on a variety of types of waste treatment infrastructure. These include anaerobic digestion (AD), energy from waste (EfW) and in-vessel composting (IVC).

The classifications used for the graphical representation of these sites are “farm-fed” and “waste-fed:”

  • Farm-fed sites process slurries, manures, crops or crop residues produced on farm; and
  • Waste-fed sites process all other remaining forms of organic waste which includes, but is not limited to, separately collected food waste from households and commercial premises.

The graphs include a month on month reporting of site numbers, tonnage capacity (operational, not throughput) and output capacity (potential to produce, rather than actual generation).  

Tonnage reported does not include contribution from sites from industry that treat mostly liquid waste due as it would skew total tonnage due to the nature of its heavy attribution.