Classification scheme to define the quality of waste derived fuels

The classification scheme provides an easy to understand system of definition which can quickly and easily present laboratory tested analysis results, by breaking down the potential variables into 3 main groups:

  • economic;
  • technical; and
  • environmental.

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It aims to provide unambiguous and clear classification of waste derived fuel (WDF) properties for use by energy from waste (EfW) facilities.
The system is designed to help fuel users define the fuel parameters of WDF they need to power their facilities, by the use of a system of ‘Classes’. The system will also help fuel producers to classify their WDF in terms of the same Classes and therefore the potential end user is able to analyse the data to determine whether they can accept the WDF within their facility. This will enable direct and efficient trading of WDF and facilitate a good understanding between the seller and the buyer.
The scheme is not intended to define end of waste criteria for WDF, nor is it intended for use by those wishing to export WDF outside of the UK.  If the export market is the intended market for the fuel, then separate rules will apply when exporting from England and Wales.  Please refer to the Environment Agency’s International Waste Shipment pages for export controls and legal requirements.