Corporate procurement policy

The starting point for resource efficiency in your FM services is your Corporate / Institutional CSR and / or Environmental Policy. 

Targets set in Corporate Policy can be applied to distinguish corporate KPIs and targets for specific FM services.
Corporate KPIs and targets are generated from individual service KPIs & targets
Corporate indicators could include:
  • per employee;
  • per m2 of net facility floor area; and
  • per £million turnover.
A simple set of corporate KPIs might include:
  • waste arisings per metric (e.g. kg / £million turnover);
  • waste to landfill (e.g. kg / employee / annum);
  • waste recycled (e.g. % of waste arisings);
  • water consumption per metric (e.g. m3 / employee / annum);
  • energy consumption per metric (e.g. kWh / employee / annum); and
  • carbon emissions per metric (e.g. kgCO2e / £million turnover).

Working with your suppliers to develop a Resource Management Plan can help you to achieve these corporate goals.