Review of technologies and techniques available for cleaning mattresses for re-use

November 2013

A research project to understand the barriers to mattress re-use in the UK and to trial a range of cleaning techniques.

This project looked in depth at the options for organisations to take on more cleaning of second-hand mattresses with a view to stimulating higher levels of re-use.

It covered interviews with key stakeholders, trials and cost-benefit analysis.

Key outcomes are:

  • There is potential for small-scale cleaning and re-use operations to be developed within existing furniture re-use organisations in the community sector. 
  • The economic benefit is marginal for increasing mattress cleaning in furniture re-use organisations.  This is because the costs of equipment and chemicals are high, the outcome of cleaning makes little difference to re-sale, and the retail value of a second-hand mattress is low.

Re-covering of mattresses is not featured in this research.

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