Mobile Asset Management Planning (MAMP)

Facilities Management (FM) organisations can be responsible for the consumption of vast amounts of resource as they deliver their services - be it cleaning, catering, horticultural or one of the many other offerings.

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This ‘resource’ can take many forms from people’s time, to utilities (e.g. gas, electricity, water, etc.), to physical assets. MAMP focuses on the latter, the physical ‘mobile assets’ (non-fixed items) used in the provision of FM services. 

MAMP investigates the opportunities to improve ‘resource efficiency’ from a range of angles such as cost, waste and carbon and how FM service providers can benefit from taking a structured approach to managing assets.

WRAP’s work in this area has benefited from collaborating with FM service providers to develop guidance, tools and case studies that can be used by the sector to help reduce their cost and the environmental impact. As well as a generic planning tool, FM service providers have also been involved in the development of tools that reflect their areas of interest namely: Cleaning, Catering, Horticulture and Scientific Equipment.

MAMP online material

  1. Information sheet overview
  2. Guidance
  3. Presentation: what is MAMP, key benefits, pilots/trials, tool overview, next steps
  4. Tool: Catering and Guide
  5. Tool: Cleaning and Guide
  6. Tool: Horticulture and Guide
  7. Tool: Scientific Equipment and Guide 
  8. Tool: General and Guide (covers most categories)
  9. Case studies: Cleaning, Scientific Equipment and Offices