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Recycling and resource management

I have questions about home composting

Please visit our homecomposting faqs section on Recycle Now

I have questions about recycling

Please visit our Recycle Now website.

Where can I find statistical information about recycling within different Local Authority areas?

WRAP's Local Authority Waste and Recycling Information Portal:

This provides access to data on local authority recycling and waste schemes in the UK as well as performance benchmarks for kerbside dry recycling and residual collections.

There is also waste and recycling information available specifically for London; these pages are managed by WRAP and funded by the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB).

See and

We are a local authority and would like amendments to be made to our details on the Recycle Now website

Contact and the team will make the necessary arrangements.

Where can I find information about tyres?

WRAP ran a three year 'tyre programme' which concluded in 2008, we no longer focus on tyre recycling and have therefore not produced any updated guidance documents. Although the tyre programme no longer exists you can still view technical information regarding the tyre recycling industry using the following link – With tyre material banned from disposal at landfill, WRAP worked with the Environment Agency to develop and create end uses for recovery and re-use of used tyres. 'PAS 107: specification for the manufacture and storage of size reduced tyre materials' - The overall aim of this document is to provide a specification that can be adopted by suppliers for producing grades of size reduced tyre rubber such that potential customers will be assured that they are procuring a material of consistent and verifiable quality. Under current legislation, all size reduced materials covered by this PAS are classified as waste until incorporated into an end use application. This document follows that handling and storage of these materials must comply with all regulations arising out of the Waste Framework Directive [1]. PAS 108: specification for production of tyre bales for use in construction - sets out to provide a specification that can be adopted by suppliers for producing tyre bales such that potential customers will be assured that they are procuring a construction material of consistent and verifiable quality. Thus the core of this document addresses the production, handling, storage, transport and placement of standardized tyre bales, the dimensions and properties of which are described in this PAS. In addition, guidance is given on engineering properties and typical construction applications. There is also the WRAP Tyres Programme Frequently Asked Questions Report that you may find useful at You may find the following sites of interest: European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association - Tyre Recovery Association - Transport Research Laboratory – who run the Tyre Derived Rubber Material Certification Scheme (related to PAS107) -