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Update March 2016

WRAP operated a programme of work supporting the construction industry in reducing waste and improving resource efficiency between 2000 and March 2015.

A number of resources including tools, research reports, case studies and good practice guides remain on the WRAP website as a legacy of this work. We have been reviewing the options for the future of these resources with other sector organisations, and we will shortly be announcing some changes that will made by the middle of April.  



Since 2000, WRAP’s work in the built environment sector has led to wide scale environmental change through the development and execution of such initiatives as Halving Waste to Landfill (HW2L). Over 800 companies signed the commitment to reduce waste leading to:

  • 5 million tonnes of waste per year diverted from landfill</p>
  • £400 million cost savings per year realised by the companies involved.

It is this expertise that enabled WRAP to help BIS launch the next stage of industry action via the Built Environment Commitment. WRAP’s remit of developing the Commitment has now been achieved with 39 businesses signed up to take action since its launch in July 2014. The implementation of the agreement will be undertaken by BIS from April onwards as WRAP focuses its efforts on resource management, food sustainability and product sustainability.

Built Environment


How can I get a copy of the Quality Protocol?

All of the Quality Protocols (QP), including aggregates and PFA, can be downloaded for free from

Where can I get recycled aggregates tested?

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) provide a list of accredited companies and laboratories at

Site waste management

Do I need to produce a Site Waste Management Plan?

It is no longer a legal requirement to have a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) for construction projects in England. Some of the other UK countries are currently deciding whether to make SWMPs mandatory; to find out the current position please contact your local office of SEPA (Scotland), Natural Resources Wales, or Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland). However, regardless of the legal position we still recommend you consider having a SWMP as it provides a good practice approach to help you manage and reduce your construction waste and can reduce your costs.

How should I choose List of Wastes (LoW) codes for the SWMP tool?

The Environment Agency guidance on LoW codes is available at

Reporting Portal and measuRE

What has happened to the Reporting Portal? What is measuRE?

The Reporting Portal enabled signatories to the Halving Waste to Landfill commitment to report their corporate waste data to demonstrate their progress. Halving Waste to Landfill finished in 2012. measuRE is a new online tool that has replaced the Reporting Portal, providing many new and improved features.


Overseeing this is the responsibility of the Environment Agency in England and helpful guidance, including a Quality Protocol checker web tool, is available in their waste management guidance.

Where can I get recycled gypsum tested?

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) provide a list of accredited companies and laboratories at

Facilities Management

Are WRAP providing support to the Facilities Management sector?

WRAP is no longer providing direct support to the Facilities Management sector, but guidance, tools and case studies are available here.

Other sources of help and support

As well as consultants and trade associations in the sector there are other research and membership organisations such a BRE, CIRIA, Supply Chain Sustainability School, Constructing Excellence in Wales and the UKGBC that may be able to assist you with queries now that WRAP is no longer funded to support the Build Environment sector.