Mapping supply-to-disposal flows for furniture in the UK

November 2013

This research report maps furniture flows in the UK from supply to disposal and highlights openings for increased re-use.

Previous WRAP research shows that more than 40% of the bulky waste disposed of by householders either at the kerbside or at household waste recycling centres is furniture, equating to 670,000 tonnes.   

This report gives a broad view of the whole lifecycle of furniture products, including data from retailers and re-use organisations which are already active in this sector.

The report focusses on 11 product categories including sofas and upholstered chairs, bed frames, bookcases, tables and wardrobes.  It shows a wide variance in re-use rates – from 5% to 47%.

According to the new data, the biggest potential for re-use lies with sofas, wardrobes and bedframes. Just 17% of the 290,000 tonnes of sofas and upholstered chairs disposed of in one year are re-used. For wardrobes, the re-use figure is only 10% and for bed frames just 7%.

This shows the scale of the opportunity for organisations to rethink the way items are supplied, collected and refurbished to keep them in use for longer.


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