Citizen Food Waste Prevention

WRAP enabling citizens to change their behaviour, and take real action to reduce household food waste, through our campaigns.

The issues: Why reduce my food waste?

The issues

Why encourage individuals to reduce food waste?

By cutting food waste the average UK household can save £500 each year and positively contribute to the UK's waste reduction targets.

In 2018 WRAP research showed we threw away 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste, whilst attitudes towards food waste have improved, many more people need to be motivated and supported to take action to reduce their own food waste.

By working collaboratively to take action on theses issues, organisations working in the sector can achieve a 14:1 positive return on investment by helping consumers to save money from reducing their food waste.

What is WRAP doing?

We enable organisations to work with individuals to unlock the economic benefits of waste reduction and resource efficiency in the food and drink supply chain.

Our experts contribute knowledge, tools and campaign guidance to organisations and local authorities encouraging consumers to reduce their food waste.

Business Collaborations

WRAP enables businesses to collaborate with each other, local community organisations and consumer groups to realise value from reducing individual food waste

Schools, Local Authorities and Community Organisations

WRAP offers guidance to schools, local authorities and community groups to cut costs by reducing food waste and encouraging local involvement in food waste reduction initiatives.

Our Campaigns

WRAP leads industry campaigns to deliver real change to organisations and individuals in the UK and beyond.

What our partners say

WRAP has a successful track record supporting the industry, working with local authorities, communities and organisations to provide real measurable change...

“I learned so much when I did the course. I was moving into my own place with my partner and I had all these great tips for shopping, planning meals and saving food.”

- Lara Hollingsworth, Love Food Hate Waste training session attendee

“Consumers are increasingly interested in environmental issues and as a Courtauld signatory, Nestlé UK has been very pleased to work with WRAP for a number of years to reduce the amount of packaging materials we use, use more recycled materials, encourage consumers to recycle more and identify ways to tackle the problem of food waste through the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign.“

- Paul Grimwood, Chairman and Chief Executive, Nestlé UK

'WRAP's Food Waste Trends Survey 2019' found that and 22% recalled seeing the Love Food Hate Waste logo in the past year - more than ever before. Find out more about our work supporting consumers and local organisations in the food industry through Love Food Hate Waste:

Love Food Hate Waste

Our Resource Library has a range of free resources available for you to use to support the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, and to use the brand in your own communications with citizens.

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By working with WRAP your organisation can improve processes, find new techniques and work toward implementing best practice in your supply chain.

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