Reducing food waste through Retail Supply Chain collaboration

Five leading Grocery retailers and their supply chains took part in an IGD-facilitated Performance Improvement Programme to reduce food and drink waste. This report identifies new ways of working, which have wider applicability to food retailers and manufacturers not involved in the programme. It includes eight case studies.

The Performance Improvement Programme was designed to support signatories to the Courtauld Commitment 2 voluntary agreement and to provide information to share with the wider industry, highlighting how collaborative working can prevent waste arising while providing commercial benefits, where reducing waste requires different parts of the supply chain to work together.

Overall the programme prevented about 1,400 tonnes of waste arising with a further 1,193 tonnes expected.  The waste reductions were achieved using simple methods throughout the programme,  thereby not incurring capital or other costs.  New ways of working were developed that are transferable to other supply chains and the reduction was delivered in a sustainable and profitable way.  As a result, as a per cent of sales, waste has fallen by up to 1%.

All teams involved have made changes to their working practices as a result of the programme and the project has given rise to what generically might be termed ‘better supplier relations’.  To find out more, please read the report.

(Legacy research commissioned by the previous government).