Increasing profitability in the potato supply chain

21st August 2014

Findings from a farm-to-fork assessment with Co-operative Food & Farms, plus wider WRAP research.

Use this Guide to:
Identify WHERE actions can be taken in the supply chain to improve efficiency and maximise the £ value from the crop
Consider WHAT improvement opportunities to focus on in discussions with suppliers or in specifying products
Understand HOW MUCH you could save through actions taken

This Guide summarises practical actions to improve resource efficiency and profitability in the fresh potato retail supply chain.

In 2013/14, WRAP worked with the Co-operative Food and its integrated potato growers and packers, Co-operative Farms, to undertake a ‘whole chain pathfinder project’ (case study). Key findings are incorporated into this Guide, alongside wider WRAP and Potato Council (PCL) research findings.