Designing in Sustainability with Sainsbury’s: a demonstration project

1st December 2014

A new generation of sustainable products by design. 80% of the environmental impacts of today’s products and services are determined at the early stages of product development and design.

This shows:
Sustainability is considered from the outset of new product development
Sustainability becomes considered in all new products developed – using our replicable toolkit to become part of ‘normal’ product development
In time, sustainability can become an innovation platform that drives ideas, innovations and new product development

We worked with Sainsbury’s own-brand product development team – and selected suppliers - to develop a process and supporting toolkit to systematically embed sustainability into their product development process.

"I believe the secret to delivering sustainable new product development is to make sustainability not something new, separate or additional but part of every day working. To do this we have embedded the new tools into the current process and ways of working, with some exciting results so far."

Susi Richards, Head of Product Development, Sainsbury’s