De-labelling branded corporate-wear for re-use

December 2013

A research project to understand and identify commercially viable (and emerging) de-labelling or de-branding technologies for corporate-wear.

This project looked in depth at de-labelling or de-branding technologies that might be utilised for end of life corporate-wear.  It assessed their cost and carbon impacts alongside the economic benefits of garment re-use.

The research covered four technologies that, although not currently widely applied, might be appropriate for application to this area of corporate-wear de-branding. The technologies are: Manual Unpicking, Microwave Treatment, Adhesives and Over-branding.

Key outcomes

Although there is growing interest in the opportunities afforded by de-branding of corporate-wear, there are currently no large or commercial scale operations undertaking this, either within the UK or worldwide.

It is likely that all of the de-branding technologies examined require an element of 'design for end of life' when the corporate-wear is first produced to enable removal of branding at the end of its first life.

The primary audience for this work is the end of life reprocessors and corporate wear suppliers and manufacturers, but it will be of interest to all stakeholders within the corporate-wear life-cycle.

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  1. Report.
  2. Case study 1: Carbon and costs impacts of microwave treatment for corporate-wear de-branding.
  3. Case study 2: Carbon and cost impacts of manual unpicking for corporate-wear de-branding.
  4. Case study 3: Carbon and cost impacts of over-branding to enable corporate-wear re-use.
  5. Case study 4: Carbon and cost impacts of the adhesive technology method for corporate-wear de-branding.

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