Carbon Ready Reckoner

A tool for assessing the carbon impacts of design changes to a packaged product.  

The Carbon Ready Reckoner (CRR) is an online tool specifically developed to enable Courtauld 2 signatories and other interested parties to evaluate the carbon impact relating to design changes in:

  • the weight of packaging;
  • their recycled content or recycling rate; and
  • product concentration and palletisation efficiencies in transportation.

Previously this tool was only available to Courtauld 2 signatories, but it is now open to all.

The CRR will help facilitate user understanding of the impact of design changes mentioned above and their contribution towards the Courtauld Commitment’s carbon reduction target, and/or a company’s carbon targets.

The tool allows the user to specify the existing pack, enter changes to the design of the pack and receive an assessment of carbon changes associated with the redesign. A User Guide on how to use the tool is available. 
The CRR uses WRAP’s ‘carbon methodology’ to measure the Courtauld packaging target; users therefore will need to be familiar with this process. While the carbon methodology and Carbon Ready Reckoner use life cycle thinking, users should be aware of their limitations. For instance, users should not use the tool for cross-material comparisons as life cycle stages are not included in the scope of the database and it may influence the results. The factors used for the baseline in Courtauld 3 have been updated from Courtauld 2 and an explanatory note can be found here
Worked examples showing how the CRR can be used are available. These help provide insight into the carbon footprint of certain products, including: reduced sugar blackcurrant jam, organic whole milk, strong white cheddar in reclosable film bag, chilled ready meal for potato mash, carbonated drink in steel can, and multi-bottle beer pack.
Access the Carbon Ready Reckoner