WRAP Materials Pricing Update

25th February 2009

Recovered prices from WRAP’s Materials Pricing Assessment.

Key points:

  • UK markets continue to show on-going stability with most recovered materials’ prices holding steady – a situation that is also broadly reflected across Europe. Quality is still a key issue with good quality materials more readily finding markets and higher prices.
  •  Significant price rises for mixed HDPE of around £90 per tonne reflect increased demand, particularly for export, but domestic demand is holding up well too.
  • Prices have continued to rise for paper (up £5 per tonne), steel (up £10 per tonne) and plastic (up £88 per tonne), pointing to sustained activity and value in the recycling of these materials.
  • The long term market outlook would suggest that prices are beginning to stabilise. However there are still concerns about volatility in certain markets, including cardboard. Evidence from traders we contacted for our materials pricing survey suggests that, due to the fragility of the Chinese market, prices for plastics and cardboard could come under pressure.


WRAP’s Materials Pricing is compiled from data collected independently from key industry sources.

* pams = pamphlets and magazines

* natural HDPE – is a food grade polymer, commonly used for milk bottles

* mixed HDPE – can be used for a variety of food grade applications

  • Modest price increase of £5 per tonne for paper (news & pams) is being driven by strong demand from UK paper mills and for export, especially to Europe. There is also healthy demand from India for mixed paper, which is helping to stabilise prices at around £25 per tonne. 
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