Help us create a world without waste

From food waste to fast fashion addiction, from obsolete technology to overflowing landfills, our planet faces huge challenges as a result of waste.

Fortunately, you can make a huge difference. You can support the much-needed waste-prevention work of WRAP.

At WRAP, we are obsessed with:

  • Re-inventing how we design, sell and produce products.
  • Re-thinking how we use and consume products.
  • Re-defining what's possible through recycling and re-use.

You will find us working to deliver change from Westminster to the Welsh Senedd, and from the HQs of major multinationals to the boardroooms of SMEs. You'll see our innovations on the shelf of your local supermarket.

By donating today, you will support our work to prevent waste, prolong usage and move towards a sustainable future.

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