Waste Prevention Loan Fund

The Waste Prevention Loan Fund will support organisations to develop innovative, more resource-efficient ways of doing business in England.  This includes:

  • innovative business models to reduce the products and resources consumed; and
  • increasing re-use and repair capacity.  

Textiles, electricals and furniture are the priority materials to reduce their environmental impacts, the quantity of products going to waste and the UK’s reliance on the resources required to make these products.

However WRAP will consider applications of other materials that also demonstrate significant environmental benefits.

Loans of between £100,000 and £1 million. 

What does WRAP mean by 'innovative business models'?

WRAP want to help businesses change their business operations so that they create more profit, consume less resource and generate less waste. Find out more.

Who is the Loan Fund for?

WRAP welcomes applications at any time and each is reviewed independently, however due to the limited total value of the fund, early applications are encouraged.

How do you apply?

Please complete the eligibility criteria form and email through to pam.golding2@wrap.org.uk.  Following receipt WRAP will contact you to discuss your specific project and where applicable a full application will be required.

How does the Loan Fund operate?

  • Administration: The WPLF will be administered by the Accelerating Growth Fund Ltd (Regn No 4698093), a wholly owned subsidiary of WRAP.
  • Investment objectives: To invest by way of senior debt, mezzanine debt and/or subordinated debt subject always to the specific circumstances of the applicant and their stage of business development together with any relevant State Aid issues that might be applicable. To undertake investments on commercial loan basis properly considered but subject always to the specific circumstances of the applicant and their stage of business development.
  • Investment criteria: Loans must meet the eligibility criteria.  
  • Investment levels: Minimum of £100,000 and a maximum of £1,000,000.
  • Where does the Loan Fund operate? The Loan Fund operates in England, i.e. it applies to organisations based in England and business models located in England.