WEEE Good Practice - waste disposal authorities

This good practice guidance is currently under review. Please note that some sections refer to old regulations. For information on latest relevant regulations please visit https://www.gov.uk/waste-electrical-and-electronic-equipment-weee-reuse-and-treat

Why use the guidance?

  • Improve the management of WEEE on your sites, therefore maximising quality and quantity collected and to minimise issues that may arise on site with your clients and contractors.
  • Identify the criteria you may like to include in the waste management contract when contracting the service to a waste management company and this affects partnership agreements
  • Provides suggestions for what local authority staff need to do to identify WEEE that is potentially reusable, how to handle it to prevent damage and configure the site and influence / encourage the public to dispose of their WEEE correctly
  • Provides local authorities with the confidence that WEEE on HRWCs is managed to a high standard that goes beyond compliance
  • The guidance goes beyond the BIS Code of Practice to consider the practical requirements on site for maximising efficiency of the reuse and recycling of WEEE

The benefits of using the guidance

  • Provides clear guidance on going beyond the BIS Code of Practice
  • Helps improve WEEE management across all DCFs
  • Provides a guideline that local authorities can measure a PCS service against
  • Helps reduce leakage from the system
  • Gives advice on WEEE communications
  • Helps create a potential increase in collection tonnages