WEEE Good Practice - business users of electrical and electronic equipment

This good practice guidance is currently under review. Please note that some sections refer to old regulations. For information on latest relevant regulations please visit https://www.gov.uk/waste-electrical-and-electronic-equipment-weee-reuse-and-treat

Why use the guidance?

  • Understand how and why end user businesses should manage WEEE responsibly 
  • Understand how to identify an organisation to re-use or collect your WEEE, as well as assessing potential treatment facilities
  • Understand how to identify an organisation to recycle your WEEE, ensuring that it is managed appropriately and through legitimate routes

The benefits of using the guidance

  • Guidance on how to identify a legitimate waste haulier, recycler or re-use organisation
  • Provides guidance to ensure confidence that appropriate re-use or recycling will take place
  • Increases understanding that producers are responsible for the collection and treatment of non-household WEEE unless other arrangements have been made when new equipment is purchased