Water Using Products Working Group

Defra’s Water White Paper ‘Water for Life,’ published in late 2011, encouraged voluntary water efficiency labelling to enable customers to choose more efficient products. 

As a result, leading retailers and builders’ merchants established an industry working group, facilitated by WRAP, to consider what action they could take to enable this.

The Group agreed two top level goals:

  • To identify the water-saving potential from bathroom products (basin taps, toilets and showers) and associated behaviours and communications; and
  • To review the evidence and agree on action(s) which will increase the sale of water efficient bathroom products in the home improvement sector.

The Group is focussed on those actions which it can directly control or influence and this covers Repair, Maintenance and Improvement and DIY Products.  

In July 2013 the Group reached agreement on a collective approach to use water efficiency information on all bathroom fittings - showers, taps, WCs and baths - using The Water Label.

Group meeting – July 2014 

Key meeting outcomes:

  • It remains a priority to get more products registered to the European Water Label by working with merchants, retailers, and manufacturers.
  • Working group members to engage in the development of a method for reporting progress on the Water Use Labelling Commitment.
  • To demonstrate progress in visibility of the Label members reported that they are promoting the Water Label on their company websites and to their staff.
  • The Communications pack for marketing colleagues and branch managers and staff received very positive feedback. This is freely available to download from the European Water Label website.