Water efficiency case study: Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

Situated opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London is a four star hotel with additional facilities such as penthouses and suites, restaurants, lounges, bars and a spa.

The hotel is owned by PPHE Hotel Group Limited, which owns, leases, develops, operates and franchises hotels in major centres, predominantly in Europe. The portfolio comprises 39 hotels and Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London is the group’s flagship for its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy - trialling water efficient technologies and new management practices.

A free water efficiency advisory visit from WRAP, through
the Rippleffect initiative, demonstrated that the hotel’s focus on water efficiency was achieving impressive results.

The hotel’s estimated water savings were 85,000m3 which was saving the hotel £112,500 per year. Its water consumption of 79 m3 per bed-space per year compared very favourably with a typical benchmark of 125 m3.

Amongst the hotel’s key actions to save water were:

  • Installation of water efficient shower-heads
  • Installation of a food waste digester
  • Water re-use (harvesting of water from laundry and swimming pool to use for flushing of staff toilets).

Staff awareness is maintained through induction training, posters and monthly corporate social responsibility meetings.

The hotel has achieved the following savings through water efficiency measures:


Water savings

Financial Savings

1,200 low-flow shower-heads fitted,
using 7.5 litres per minute 
and saving 7 litres per minute.
22,500 m3 per year£30,000 per year
Food waste digester eliminated need
for the hotel's seven macerators,
which ran for over 12 hours per day,
each using 15 litres of water per minute.
27,500 m3 per year£36,000 per year
Harvesting of water from laundry and swimming pool to use for flushing of 
staff toilets.
35,000 m3 per year £46,500 per year
Totals85,000m3 per year£112,500 per year


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