Water efficiency case study: Marylebone Cricket Club

January 2015

Founded in 1787, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) is the most active and famous cricket club in the world, and is the owner of Lord's Cricket Ground – the home of cricket. As well as Lord’s Cricket Ground, the London-based site comprises the Nursery Ground, the MCC Cricket Academy, a gym, museum, offices, tennis club and banqueting facilities. Throughout the English cricket season, from mid-April to September, Lord’s hosts a large number of fixtures including Test Matches and One-Day Internationals.

MCC is committed to operate in a sustainable way and does all it can to reduce water consumption – since 2006, water use has been halved. However, as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, MCC wanted to ensure that it was doing all that could be done to use water as efficiently as possible. So, in 2014, it turned to the Rippleffectfor guidance on how further reductions could be achieved. 

A Rippleffect water efficiency review was carried out at the site. This has helped MCC to understand the benefits of closely monitoring water consumption to identify where further savings can be made. Following the review, MCC implemented a programme of installing sub-meters to monitor water use in individual buildings, which will help it to develop ideas for additional reductions. MCC has also ensured that toilets and urinals have been fitted with water reduction controls, such as low-volume cisterns and flush sensors.

“The recommendations from the Rippleffect site visit helped focus us on making further reductions. Our new sub-metering, recording use at 15-minute intervals, will now allow us to track usage in 20 separate areas, rather than for the site as a whole, allowing us to note unusual use patterns or to detect leaks. A detailed review of this data, coupled with the Rippleffect recommendations, will keep us on track to continue to reduce our water use”
Russell Seymour, Sustainability Manager, Marylebone Cricket Club 


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