Water Ambition: South Africa

Courtauld 2025 signatories identified South Africa as a key sourcing location for fresh produce, with many regions identified as hot spots of water risk within their supply chains. Of the UK’s fruit imports, approximately 20% of our oranges and other citrus fruit come from South Africa.13% of South Africa’s cropland is at high water risk.

Water Ambition project 

This project will focus on securing Water Source Areas – the 8% of land area that delivers 50% of river run-off and therefore feed all the major dams. The work will initially focus on the Western Cape, which is a key sourcing area for stone fruit and it  will build on work already established in key catchments, and work through regional and national advocacy.

Key priorities for the project will be to

  • Support peer to peer learning for growers;
  • Develop and test the common standard for growers (SIZA);
  • Prioritise key catchment-scale interventions necessary to improve catchment health, with a particular focus on reducing the threat of invasive alien plants, and explore sustainable financing to support the ongoing work of stakeholders addressing these interventions, or initiating new activities where necessary; and
  • Capacitate local institutions, through funding for catchment co-ordinators, to manage the planned activities, link to regional water management authorities and embed these approaches into their ongoing operations.

Contact WWF to find out more and get involved.

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